Hi, I'm Lena

I'm a product designer. I specialize in creating web and mobile interfaces, and also have an experience in front-end development and animations. Worked for bigtech company Yandex and eCommerce development studio.

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ToBuy: Shopping List
Checklist with family sharing and Apple Watch support
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Group Expenses
Track roommate & travel expenses with others
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English Language
Learn words by short videos
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Migraine Tracker:
Track your pains, detect triggers, read advices
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My Experience
  • Product Designer at Yandex
    March 2021 — June 2023 · 2 years
  • Mobile Apps Designer
    November 2019 — Present · 4 years
  • Web Designer,
    front-end developer at BelVG
    August 2011 — November 2019 · 8 years